August 2020 Updates - What's Been Going On With The Site?

Posted: August 16, 2020

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Hi there everyone!  Just some quick updates.  Going back and re-reading my last post from May made it seem like I was going to save the world with this site (and that is still indeed the plan!), but in actuality only a few of those "anticipated updates"got checked off the list.

Splutz!  Reality bites again!

The day-to-day of being in a school leadership position and closing out a long extended COVID school year (Last Day of School was July 24th - that's not normal!) here at the school I currently work at in Eastern China kicked in, and other daily chores of being a dad, husband, working man with a day know, the usual.  But some things did get squared away here on The City of Pullman Portal.

1) A Local Guides page is up and we just need some local guides to step up to the plate!  If you live in Pullman and you would like to be a local guide, go ahead and give it some consideration!  Give it a try!  It might be fun.

Basically what it amounts to is friendly Pullmanites can volunteer to help show people around town who are new to town or visiting.  You (the local guide) dictate what you would be willing to do/show/help people with and when (you set your own hours); but a local guide should be respectful of the fact that new people in town are going to need someone who is at least somewhat flexible and willing to at least work somewhat within their schedules, too.

It's all voluntary, so if you are thinking about becoming a local guide, please understand that it is voluntary and there is no payment involved of any kind (other than local fame and glory - which can be biggies, in my book, at least!).

If I don't know you personally - or know of you personally for you Pullman hot-shots out there who everyone knows - I will communicate with you in advance before posting your information as a local guide.  No, no, no - I'm not going to make you show me your I.D. or Social Security Number or anything like that, but do expect for us to communicate on a human level so I can get a feel for you and you can get a feel for me.

2) Also, I've finally gotten all the "legalese" stuff done for this site...I think  There isn't much needed, as I don't really harvest information here!  I have created this website for your, the public's, information!  Basically, the Privacy Policy for The City of Pullman Portal is very simple, I don't use your personal information unless it's to send you an email because you contacted me first; but Google might place cookies on your computer, track your IP Address, or harvest your personal information in other ways as this site is built on Google.  If you want to know more about what Google may or may not do with information about you when you visit The City of Pullman Portal, you can read Google's Privacy Policy.  You can check out the page this is all on here.

Before you Click to Buy on any of the famous Andreas Gross Puzzles in the Store section of this site, you can read the affiliate disclaimer staring you straight in the face, so that's taken care of.  I will make money - just so that's clear!  Sorry, I do think some (but not all, of course, I do respect it!) of this disclosure stuff can get a little ridiculous sometimes!

By the way, I do like making money and keeping this site up and running, so if you'd like a puzzle depicting a classic Pullman view for yourself, a friend, or a loved one, don't be shy to buy through my links on the "Store" page!

It took those pictures and designed those puzzles personally as well, so you can rest assured they are not just stock photographs taken in some backroom studio overseas.  I actually drove/walked around Pullman over the years taking those shots!

Also, all the major pages of the site now have a warning at the very top of them about Google's tracking cookies (that pesky "Cookie Notice" - thank you California and the E.U.!) and the fact that this website is not the official Pullman Municipality city-owned-and-operated (.gov) website for the City of Pullman, Washington, USA...just to be clear on that front for everyone, including the City of Pullman itself, too!

3) Last, but not least, the long-anticipated Fall/Winter 2020 2nd Edition of The Pullmanic - Promoting Pullman! e-newsletter is almost in it's final "Proofreading Draft" stage.  Final publication for general public consumption is scheduled to happen mid-September and everything currently looks to be on track for this to happen as planned!  Read about Tawny Szumlas and her legendary bar Rico's.  Read about Walter Sheppard and his Gaming Empire of the Palouse headquartered at Palouse Games on Grand Avenue.  Read the Resident Profile of Wayne and Nancy Beebe, a long-time Pullman couple who are just as passionate about Pullman today as they were when they first moved to town more than 20 years ago!

So, again, look for the e-newsletter to be coming out mid September 2020!

It's currently too late for the 2nd Edition, but would you like to be in a future newsletter?  I gather and perform stories and interviews of people, places, things, and events in Pullman all year long.  If you'd like your story told in a future edition of The Pullmanic - Promoting Pullman e-newsletter, contact me today!


-Andreas, City of Pullman Portal Webmaster - currently in China, but always connected to Pullman, Washington!  Once a Pullmanite, always a Pullmanite!  True Cougs bleed crimson!

Andreas Philip Gross Enterprises

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