Getting There

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By Air:

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (PUW) - Yes, believe it or not, Pullman actually does have an airport!  The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (Airport Code PUW) services the cities of Pullman, Washington, and Moscow, Idaho, and the Greater Quad Cities Region of Pullman-Moscow-Lewiston-Clarkston.  Book a flight today!

Lewiston Airport (LWS) - There is also an airport down in the Lewis-Clark Valley, a 40 minute drive South of Pullman.  Depending on where you are flying in from (i.e. taking different flight routes into consideration), this may be your closest airport to fly into.  The Lewiston Airport (Airport Code LWS) services the cities of Lewiston, Idaho, and Clarkston, Washington, and the Greater Quad Cities Region of Pullman-Moscow-Lewiston-Clarkston.  Book a flight today!

Alaska Airlines is a major carrier into and out of Pullman.

Feel free to go ahead and check out the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport Webcams here, courtesy of Washington State Department of Transportation.

Here are some links to interesting YouTube videos about the PUW Airport:

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport Runway Realignment Project
Posted Sept. 8, 2014, in the early stage of Airport Renovation and Upgrade Planning.  The Runway Realignment Project (first phase of PUW upgrades, discussed here in the video) was completed in the Fall of 2019.

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport completes work on new runway
Posted Oct. 10, 2019, by KREM 2 News.  This is a news story about the completion of the PUW Runway Realignment Project.

GPS Approach to the Pullman, WA airport (KPUW)
Posted Nov. 18, 2011

Posted April 30, 2017

By Road:

Bus: In terms of inter-city travel, Northwestern Trailways (officially part of the Amtrak Bus-Train Network) is the major bus company that serves Pullman.  It's Boise-Spokane route goes through Pullman, stopping in Colfax as the next stop headed North (on it's way up to Spokane and the Spokane Airport) and Moscow, Idaho, as the next stop headed South (on it's way down to Boise, with numerous stops in several Idaho cities along the way).  Check out the Northwestern Trailways Spokane-Pullman-Moscow-Lewiston-Boise Route, as it is officially called, here.  One of the many great thing about this route is that you can fly into Spokane and get a bus straight into Pullman directly from the Spokane Airport.

Car: Road tripping it into the Land of the Cougs (Pullman)?  The closest large city, by the standards of the Great Inland Northwest (over 200,000 people), is Spokane, Washington, located approximately 90 miles North of Pullman.  U.S. Interstate 90 runs through Spokane, Washington, and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  U.S. Route 195, with 60 mph speed limits most of the way, drops down from Spokane and runs South to Pullman.  Drive time between the two cities is roughly an hour twenty minutes.  This route by-passes almost all towns.

U.S. Route 95, with speed limits of between 55-65 mph on the "open road" (much slower through towns along the way - this route does not by-pass towns) drops down at Coeur d'Alene and runs South to Moscow, Idaho.  Drive time is roughly an hour forty five minutes to two hours (into Moscow, Idaho).  The drive on U.S. Highway 95 is very beautiful.  You go through Coeur d'Alene Nation (also referred to as Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation) on the way and climb up and over Moscow Mountain just before entering Moscow on the Northern edge.

By Train (NOTE: you can't do this anymore):

From the great heyday days of the U.S. Railroad era that colonized the American West up until as recently as the 1960s, passenger trains use to run regular routes in and out of Pullman.  After the passenger routes stopped running, periodic cargo routes still ran - with ever-decreasing frequency - up until right around 2010.  In the Summer of 2018 active removal of railroad tracks began at major road crossings.  The long and the short of it: you can't get to Pullman by train any longer.  Although you can still buy a ticket to Pullman through AmTrak, the last leg of the journey from Spokane is by bus (Northwestern Trailways - see "Bus" above).

Old historic train cars parked outside of Pullman, Washington's, Pullman Depot Heritage Center (formerly Pufferbelly Depot)the old Pullman train station.  These train cars, brought in to Pullman as historic pieces in their own right in 2001, were rented out as office/retail/commercial space, at one time housing a restaurant, then sitting vacant for several years.  With the recent (Summer of 2018) sale, refurbishing, and preservation of the old depot building and associated property into the current Pullman Depot Heritage Centertwo of these cars are now up for removal - currently free to whoever is willing to pay the price of carting them away!  The old train engine that use to sit at the head of this "staged" train display (still in place in 2014, but just out of view in these pictures) has already been removed.  Only one of the passenger cars and the caboose are slated to stay in place.
UPDATES ABOUT THIS: On Thursday, October 1, 2020, the Lighted Caboose was resurrected!  The remaining train car also now features beautiful painted windows (painted to look like there are people inside).  It is a spectacular display at night!  You can check out the pictures of the debut night on this Facebook post here