Starting a Business In Pullman

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With next to no crime and all the necessities of modern life that you need right at your finger tips, Pullman has been ranked The Number 1 City to Raise a Family in Washington State by various metrics for a number of recent years.  With this in mind, it's no surprise that Pullman is also a great place to do business, and will only get better - at least I personally predict - as the 21st Century marches on!

Sadly, many Pullmanites of yester-year use to say "Happiness is seeing Pullman in your rear view mirror."  But let's be honest, who could really blame them?  Except for the self-sustaining or near-self-sustaining farm networks in the immediate area, for many decades the City of Pullman was, in many regards, largely dependent on Washington State University - and that's neither shameful nor a secret!  Now, that's not to say there weren't and haven't been other businesses and entrepreneurs in Pullman since the beginning - of course there have been, and there work towards laying the foundation of what Pullman is and always will be much appreciated and respected; however, it was often because of this lack of amenities and other job prospects that caused many who did not have either a direct affiliation with the University or a local area farm to "leave when their time was up."

Pullman is still a Cougar town, and I say that with pride as a Coug myself, with a close relationship between the City of Pullman and Washington State University; however, it is also no secret that things are changing in this regard as well.  Pullman now has such amenities and job prospects as: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), an international company and major non-university employer in Pullman; a full-service regional hospital; four major grocery stores (Dissmores IGA, Safeway, Grocery Outlet in the old Shopko building, and WalMart); two major large modern hardware stores (Harbor Freight in the old Shopko building and Pullman-Moscow Building Supply West of WalMart); a giant modern movie theater complex (Village Cinemas) on the South Side of town; plenty of local restaurants; and numerous housing options, with new places being built all the time - and this is just a small list of some of the more major modern conveniences the City of Pullman currently has to offer.  SEL was founded in 1982; Pullman Regional Hospital opened its doors for the first time in December of 2004; and Pullman-Moscow Building Supply only relocated to its current 120,000 square foot location in April of 2015 - just to give you an idea of how Pullman has changed since the 1980s.  Change was slow at first, but has been pick moving faster and faster in recent years.  Even under COVID restrictions in the Spring and Summer of 2020, Harbor Freight and Grocery Outlet managed to open new stores in the old Shopko building.  The digitization of work and humanity continues to make Pullman all that much more open and accessible, too.

From ease of living to both natural and man-made beauty, Pullman has everything you need to live happily ever after - so why not start your next business endeavor in Pullman, Washington?  If that sounds good to you, here are some resources you can check out to get started:

This is a site run cooperatively by the City of Pullman Municipal Government and the Pullman Chamber of Commerce specifically to promote Pullman as a THE PLACE to open your business.  Packed with resources!

Washington State Small Business Development Center Pullman Office
Meet Certified Business Advisor Aziz Makhani, your point-person at the Washington State Small Business Development Center Pullman Office, located near Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.  I can say from personal experience that Mr. Makhani is personable, friendly, and full of know-how when it comes to starting a business locally in Whitman County.  Contact him first to make an appointment for advising.

Pullman Chamber of Commerce

A government of Washington website designed to offer guidance to those looking to open a business in the State of Washington.

General information, not a government site

Government site

Government site

Check out this cool Start a Scenario tool they have to help you get started from the beginning!

Have you been doing business in the State of Washington unlicensed and unregistered when you should have been?  Naughty, naughty!  But there is some light at the end of the tunnel if you voluntarily come forward and register with the Department of Revenue before you get binked by and auditor!