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Airway Hills Golf Center
4811 Airport Road, Pullman, WA 99163
Conveniently located on Airport Road between Pullman, WA, and Moscow, ID, Airway Hills Golf Center offers its patrons an 18 hole Mini-Golf Course, 3 indoor Golf Simulators, a 9-Hole Par-3 Pasture Golf Course, and the only self-service Driving Range in the region.

The house that Humphrey Bogart allegedly bought for his girlfriend at WSU
325 N.W. Harrison Street, Pullman, WA 99163
Whether this is true, or pure urban legend, the house at 325 N.W. Harrison Street on Military Hill - just a few blocks away from the area where the old historic Pullman Military College once was - is the house that local lore touts as being the house that Humphrey Bogart supposedly bought for a girlfriend of his while she was studying at WSU back in the days of yester-year.  Whether fact or fiction, this corner house is a beautiful little place to look at on a drive-bye or walk-bye of the area, especially if you are already in the Military Hill area checking out the area where the old historic Pullman Military College once stood.  PLEASE NOTE: This whole area of Military Hill where the "(alleged) Humphrey Bogart" house is and where the old historic Pullman Military College once stood are all now part of a large residential neighborhood of private homes on private properties.  If you do choose to drive or walk through the area, please remember to stick to public access areas only (public roads and/or sidewalks), respect privacy laws and private property lines, and show common courtesy towards local residents.

Old Historic Military College Campus ("Area of Town" more correctly)
Intersection of State Street and True Street and continuing West down the block on True Street,  Military Hill, Pullman, WA 99163
It is more correct to say this is the "Area Of Town Where The Old Historic Pullman Military College Campus Once Stood", as there is really nothing left of the original campus except for one historic house which is now privately owned.  This is the former Commandant's House (Major Walker's former faculty house), which is still standing at its original location approximately halfway down the block on True Street.  The area is now a residential area of town near Jefferson Elementary School.  Visiting this area of town makes for a great, quick self-guided local area drive-bye or walk-bye tour for history buffs.  PLEASE NOTE: This area of town is now a residential neighborhood of private homes on private properties.  If you do choose to drive or walk through the area, please remember to stick to public access areas only (public roads and/or sidewalks), respect privacy laws and private property lines, and show common courtesy towards local residents.

Further reading about the Old Historic Pullman Military College (with a map of the layout of campus and other historic images!) can be found here (academic paper).

A Spring 2018 newspaper article (by the same author as the above academic piece) about the Old Historic Pullman Military College can be found here (newspaper subscription required).

Palouse Discovery Science Center
950 N.E. Nelson Court, Pullman, WA 99163
A great indoor museum and activity center for kids and adults of all ages.  Featuring both permanent as well as traveling exhibits, the Palouse Discovery Science Center promotes math, science, and technology literacy through the use of hands-on exhibits, teaching collections, educational programs, and activities.

Pullman Community Garden at Koppel Farm
Corner of Derby Street and Pro Mall Boulevard, Pullman, WA 99163
This is so much more than just rentable community garden plots on land that use to be a farm.  Of course, the community garden, as the name implies, is there, but if you aren't just out to tend your carrots, it is still worth a trip.  There is a port-a-potty on site and a few picnic tables under shelter.  Though the actual old historic Pullman Dairy Farm, Koppel Farm, itself is nothing more than a few historical signs near the community garden now, this spacious outdoor area - well beyond the borders of the actual garden plots themselves - is situated along a beautiful river walk area where a paved trail maintained by the City of Pullman Parks and Recreation Department runs.  It is a great place for a picnic and a game of frisbee with family and friends on a sunny day.

Looking for other Community Garden options in Pullman?  Check out what the city government has to offer at Sunnyside Park.

Pullman Residents in front of the historic Koppel Farm site.
Earth Day 2017

Pullman Depot Heritage Center
330 N. Grand Avenue, Pullman, WA 99163
For those of you familiar with Pullman, you will remember Pullman's iconic Pufferbelly Depot - the iconic old town railway station on North Grand Avenue that later had housed the local Department of Licensing Office, real estate offices, and other commercial space for years.  In the Summer of 2018, plans were set in motion and things started to change.  Now meet Pullman's Pullman Depot Heritage Center on North Grand!  Preserving the past, integrating the future!

The Parks of Pullman - There are 21 of them.

The Staley Museum
122 Kirkendahl Road, Pullman, Washington
This unique venue is a personal museum of the Staley family located in the restored family home, which was moved from Staley, WA, to the far South Side of Pullman (technically outside of the city limits, but still with a Pullman address) in 1993.  Each room has its own treasure trove of antique furniture, family portraits, and personal items of the Staley family. Open by appointment only. Call Molly Staley Benscoter, (509)-334-1008.

780 S.E. Bishop Boulevard, Pullman, WA 99163
Bowling, casino, bar & grill, games arcade, kids/adult/company party space - fun for the whole family!

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