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3rd Edition of The Pullmanic is Coming Out Soon!
Posted: March 5, 2021
Hi Ladies and Gents,

Stay tuned!  The 3rd Edition of The Pullmanic - Promoting Pullman!, the semi-annual (twice yearly) newsletter associated with the City of Pullman Portal website, is coming out on Monday, March 8th.  Read about Boom Headshot! Photography, your awesome Pullman photography outfit; Dr. Diane Stone, DVM, a local Pullmanite with a story to tell; and just what Pullman has to offer for ardent star gazers - no, not love-sick Romeo-Juliet types, I mean the stars you actually see when looking up in the night sky! [read more]

Happy 1st Birthday (LAST month) City of Pullman Portal! Where Does the Time Go?
Posted: January 15, 2021
Wow, well, I must reiterate the title of this post: "Where does the time go?!"  To me, it honestly seems like I just got the cogs rolling on this website a mere month or two ago, but actually looking at a calendar (and the date of my first blog post on this site) one can see that The City of Pullman Portal actually did turn one year old last month (December 2019-December 2020)!  Holy cow! [read more]

2nd Edition of The Pullmanic is OUT!
Posted: September 27, 2020
Hi Ladies and Gents!  The 2nd Edition of The Pullmanic - Promoting Pullman! came out on September 18th and can be found right here in PDF format.  I have been struggling for ways to promote it and the site in general better, and it was just this past week when I finally understood what people mean by "the power of Facebook groups!"  The initial launch of The City of Pullman Portal website and the first Pullmanic newsletter was a huge success (to a very small group of select people) amongst [read more]....

Posted: August 16, 2020
Hi there everyone! Just some quick updates. Going back and re-reading my last post from May made it seem like I was going to save the world with this site (and that is still indeed the plan!), but in actuality only a few of those "anticipated updates"got checked off the list.

Splutz!  Reality bites again!

The day-to-day of being in a school leadership position and closing out a long extended COVID school year (Last Day of School was July 24th - that's not normal!) here at the school I currently work at in Eastern China kicked in, and other daily chores of being a dad, husband, working man with a day know, the usual.  But some things did get squared away here on The City of Pullman Portal. [read more]

Some Late Spring Updates Coming Soon...
Posted: May 24, 2020
What a wild and crazy Spring it's been!

COVID-19 has sort of taken the wind out of our sails; but the silver lining (if there is a silver lining) is that it has also challenged us to live other ways, cope with new routines, and rise to meet new challenges in life. This website itself was born out of The Great COVID-19 Pandemic of Spring 2020, so I am definitely going with there being a silver lining to it all (although I don't deny that disease and death are bad things - the "main event" of the whole ordeal!). [read more]

Stay Strong, Pullman! Keep the Faith!
Posted: April 5, 2020
Pullman, stay strong! As I type this post on my laptop over here in China, it is the night of April 4th and the very first day of Tomb Sweeping Festival. April 4th was just declared a “National Day of Mourning” for the Spring 2020 Coronavirus victims. There was a...[read more]

City of Pullman Website Gets a Face Lift!
Posted: December 31, 2019
Congratulations to the City of Pullman on the recent (December 2019) face lift to their...[read more]